• Creative/Play Therapy

    Using activities and creative media to express feelings and work through difficult life experiences. Suitable for all ages (resources tailored as appropriate) e.g. toys for smaller children and art media for adults.

  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

    Using eye movement, sounds, pulsating buzzers, drumming or tapping whilst thinking about a difficulty to aid cognitive processing of difficult events in order to stop past experiences from continuing to significantly affect you in your everyday life.

  • Action & Body Orientated Trauma Therapy

    Using our body symptoms to identify difficulties and using kinaesthetic techniques to regulate our systems and effectively move on from experiences which sometimes are not obvious but can be very powerful influences in our lives.

  • Filial Therapy

    Parent/Carer and child relationship building therapy that teaches parents/carers to build on existing skills and strengths.  Parents/carers learn techniques that will promote emotional awareness, build resilience and empower the children in their care.